I have a very strange anxiety regarding dirty/old mirrors and I’ve had it for years and it’s really irrational but dirty mirrors make me extremely stressed

Right I forgot there’s no toilet paper anywhere

Dear jet lag-kindly fuck off

From me

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S/o to my hella rad bud theghostship for getting a full time job offer from amazon!!!!!! :D can we celebrate by eating bagels or something idk

Lol snapchat says that things I posted in my story were posted in “about 6 hours” lol at time syncing

I have made it to India hi

Hello children I am in Abu Dhabi, pretty good flight, shitty food, read a lot, the usual. Off to Chennai shortly!

Off to India!

One day I’ll make enough money to travel first class

Actually one day I want to make enough money to do whatever the fuck i want


*sips this premium aesthetic while u sippin that haterade*

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